Mu Season2 -No Rebirths -21/03/2020

We, as Arcana Network, have the pleasure to announce you our 2 Fresh Servers, both easy and hard servers will have amazing opportunities and never ending rewards! We plan to make the people to be more active in-game than regular Away From Keyboard, this is why Most of our event/bosses will respawn randomly during the day and night.
But still, there will be also amazing drop rates for the afk part, join our beta stage very soon.. Follow us on social medial to find First the next Big Thing!

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[1] Arcana Mu Season2 | Exp x40 | x75 | Amazing Drops | Online
[2] Season2 Non Reset | x12 Exp | x35 Drop | GMO STYLE | Online
[3] Season15 Non Reset | x10 Exp | x35 MLexp | x35 Drop | soon..

Coming soon..