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BattlewarsMU Season15 p1!

Easy to grind server
With different experience and style!

ExP 500 Dynamic No reset,
Starter Pack
Small Wings [3 Days]
[Bound]Bless of Light 50%
[Bound]Pendant +Life/8 +Mana/8 [3 Days]
Scroll of Mana +300 and Quickness Speed +15 [3 Days]
Jack's cry +100 Def [7 Days]
Pentagram Box
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ArcanaMU Season2!

Limit accounts: 1, only one account per player.
Exp Dynamic - 10 Resets - +97D+99B ITEMS

Experience: x200

Reset: 400lvl - Stats 400*Reset!
Auto PVP Event, auto hide n seek events!
Balanced PVP for 10 Resets!
PVE fun for each resets from 0-10 with your party!


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